Find a Babysitting Job Online

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How can I use online services to find a babysitting job?

Find a Babysitting Job Online

If you are trying to find a babysitting job, consider using an online babysitting network. Different networks offer different resources. The opportunity to post a quality profile will increase your ability to find a babysitting job. allows you to post a photo, work experience, education/training, expected pay and even what hours you are available for babysitting jobs.

Your site profile is your business card; create it to make an impact. Select a photo that projects responsibility and kindness. A parent's worst nightmare is a babysitter with guests, so avoid pictures that show you with your boyfriend/girlfriend or a group of friends.

Use the "experience" section to your full advantage. Even if your previous babysitting jobs were for relatives, don't sell yourself short. For example: "Provided overnight care for my three-year-old cousin, including meal preparation and transportation," is more impressive than "Took care of my three-year-old cousin a couple of times."

Think about skills that would add value from a parent's point of view. Can you cook? Will you help with homework? Are you good with crafts? Add this to your information section.

The American Red Cross offers babysitting training and certification. If you are short on experience, this is something to consider. A training class on your list of qualifications shows dedication, and will give you an edge over your competition.



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