How to Find Babysitting Jobs by Volunteering

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How can I find a babysitting job?

How to Find Babysitting Jobs by Volunteering

Are you having a hard time finding babysitting jobs? If so, provide volunteer babysitting services for church events, charity fundraisers, or community meetings. As parents pick up their children, give them your business card.

If you are confident and friendly when you hand them your card, you will get a better response. Before you go to the event, be prepared to answer questions such as your rates, what times you are available to work and what age range you work with.

Have a sign-in sheet for parents' names, cell phone numbers, and their child/children's names. During the event this will help you keep track of parents and children, and give you a phone number in case of emergency. After the event, you can use it as a business tool.

Within 24-48 hours after the event, call each family on the list. Introduce yourself as the babysitter from the event, and ask if they need child care. Make sure to use their child/children's names to seem more personal. If they say no, be very polite, and mention if they are ever in a tight spot to give you a call.



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