Be Prepared for Mealtime

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Should my babysitter feed my child?

Be Prepared for Mealtime

If you leave a babysitter in charge of feeding your child, be prepared. Just because someone is great with your kids does not mean they can boil an egg. It also does not mean they would be as careful as you in the kitchen -- and accidents do happen. If you do not feel good about the babysitter using the stove, then don't put them in the position to use it.

Prevention in err of correction can save you a lot of trouble and give you peace of mind. Cook the meal you want your child to eat ahead of time and leave it labeled in the refrigerator for the sitter to reheat. Leave any specifications you have on the label and make sure you point out the meal before you depart. If you really want to make sure your child gets your food, leave enough for the sitter to have a helping or two. You would probably rather have your sitter share a table with your child than need to pay attention to her own cooking while your child eats alone. You also probably prefer your sitter not to eat junk food in front of your child, making him more likely to ask for junk food himself. This generous act shows your gratitude and appreciation for the caregiver of your child.



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