Background Checks

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Do you want to know about your babysitter's background?

Background Checks

If you are toying with the idea of selecting an adult babysitter, it is most likely because it gives you peace of mind to know that the caregiver of your child has enough life experience to adjust to most situations. Anyone considering an adult sitter should conduct a background check before allowing the adult to be alone with your child.

Leaving your son or daughter alone with any adult means letting that adult assume authority over them. Your children will become vulnerable to that person's whims, both good and bad. It is absolutely necessary to know whom you are dealing with. There are many online sites that offer free background checks on adults. You may consider any of the following: and Many public schools these days conduct background searches on anyone who comes into contact with the kids, even if it is to attend a field trip with their own child for the simple fact that they will also be exposed to other children. If your search turns up more than a traffic ticket, or even a minor offense that they cannot explain, move on to the next candidate.



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