Asking for Recommendations

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How do I go about getting recommendations from my babysitter?

Asking for Recommendations

You may not require your babysitter to have a degree, but she should be able to provide references. You may determine whether she gives you written letters from either parents of children whom they have previously cared for, or from character references. You can choose whether a phone number of a reference that you can call and speak with is enough.

It is entirely up to you, however; you must get the opinions of those close to the applicant, especially if the person applying is a teenager or minor themselves. Be on the lookout for certain keywords used to describe the person you wish to hire. You want to know that this person is responsible, caring, has good communication skills, and is punctual. These traits can describe someone who has years of experience and even an associate's degree in childcare or a high school student looking to earn extra money after school. They are traits that can be demonstrated in many ways in a person's everyday life. As long as your candidate has these qualities, she should be capable and successful as your child's babysitter.



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