Resources to Find a Babysitter

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Where can I find a babysitter?

Resources to Find a Babysitter

Trying to find babysitters but don't know where to start? If word of mouth and the local newspaper are getting you nowhere, here are some additional resources to consider:

  • The local college campus is a great place to find a babysitter. You can register with the campus employment service, or post an informal notice in the laundry area, or student union. College students are always looking for extra money, and are more experienced than teen babysitters.
  • You can find a babysitter through your local 4-H club and Girl Scouts chapters. The prospects will be younger, but well instructed.
  • Contact your local Red Cross to hire graduates of their babysitter training courses.
  • Ask your county extension office to send you a list of certified babysitters in your area.
  • Pressed for time? For a price, babysitting agencies complete background checks, interviews and searching for you.
  • Your church or synagogue is an excellent place to find a babysitter that will share your values.

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