Where to Find a Summer Babysitter

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How can I find a teen babysitter for the summer?

Where to Find a Summer Babysitter

Summertime can be a mixed blessing for babysitter arrangements. You will have to find extra coverage during the day, but it's a perfect opportunity to try out neighborhood teens or family members. If things go well, you will have an extra summer babysitter to call for evenings and weekends during the school year. Don't have anyone in mind? Does your child love to swim? Get a list of the high school swim team members and see if any of them babysit. Your child will enjoy the summer, and be with a babysitter who can provide extra water safety. The same idea applies if your child is interested in art, video games, or golf. Finding a summer babysitter who shares an interest with your child will make the summer more fun for both of them.



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