Summer Babysitter Checklist

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What items should I review with my summer babysitter?

Summer Babysitter Checklist

Feel like you're forgetting something? Don't forget to discuss these items with your summer babysitter:

  • If you hire a summer babysitter, find out if they will be taking a vacation with their family. Also determine the start and end date of their summertime service. You may need to cover a week or two at the beginning or end of the summertime session, and/or cover the time when your babysitter goes on vacation. is a perfect resource for finding a qualified babysitter to cover those summertime gaps.
  • Let your babysitter know what weeks your child will be away at day camp, grandmother's house, or your own family vacation.
  • Will you need to make transportation arrangements, or will your summer babysitter have their own? What about trips to the pool?
  • Leave an information sheet for your babysitter addressing what to do in case of bee stings, heat exhaustion, and sun burn.
  • Make no assumptions. Discuss the importance of sunblock and drinking lots of cool liquids with your summer babysitter.



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