Helping Your Child Adjust to a Temporary Babysiter

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How can I help my child adjust to a temporary babysitter?

Helping Your Child Adjust to a Temporary Babysiter

A temporary babysitter is often needed as the result of an event such as a family illness, or the extended absence of a parent. Discuss the circumstances with your child, so they expect the temporary babysitter, and understand why he/she is there.

If you use, you can show your child the temporary babysitter's profile ahead of time, and calm his/her anxiety about the arrangement.

When the temporary babysitter comes to your home, allow a 30-minute buffer zone for introductions. This will help your child and the babysitter connect.

When the temporary arrangement is over, ask the babysitter if he/she would be willing to babysit in the future on short notice. This will give you an extra babysitter to call on, and help your child transition more smoothly.



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