What You Should Pay Your Babysitter

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How much should I pay a babysitter?

What You Should Pay Your Babysitter

How much to should you pay your babysitter? Keep these factors in mind:

  • Will the babysitter be providing a meal as part of the service?

  • What is the babysitter's age and experience level?

  • Does he/she have first aid training, or certification?

  • Does your child require special care? If you child has behavior issues, is a special needs child or has medical issues such as diabetes or epilepsy, extra pay is merited.

  • Will your babysitter need to provide transportation? Picking children up from school or taking them to activities should be compensated. The cost of gas mileage should be paid in addition to a wage that reflects the added service.

  • How much is the babysitter expecting to be paid? This can be an uncomfortable topic, but if you use an online babysitter service like Babysitters4Hire.com, the expected rate is in his/her profile. When you hire a babysitter, offer a fair rate. Child care is a very competitive market, and quality babysitters are worth the extra investment they demand.



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