How to Interview a Babysitter

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How do I interveiw a babysitter?

How to Interview a Babysitter

Always conduct an interview before you hire a sitter. Good interviewing skills can help you screen out problems before they occur. The interview should take place in a neutral environment, like a coffee shop or public area so you will both be relaxed. Be friendly and business-like, and allow a few minutes of natural conversation before the interview begins. There are sample interview questions available to registered members at

Ask open-ended questions. Encourage the interviewee to expound; it will give you additional insight. Ask specific questions. For example: “Tell me about a time when a child lied to you and how you handled it,” is more effective than “What would you do if my child lied to you?”

Keep control of the interview. If the interviewee begins to stray to another topic, bring back the issue at hand. If she is going into more detail than is needed, again, bring her back into focus.

Observe the body language of the babysitter closely. Lack of eye contact, exaggerated laughter or evasive answers are warning signs. Don't be afraid to ask pointed questions if necessary. Your objective is not to make a new friend, but to protect your child and hire a competent babysitter.



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