Following up on References for Babysitters

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How do I follow up on references when hiring a babysitter?

Following up on References for Babysitters

When you decide to hire a babysitter, ask for job references -- and call them. Don't skip calling the references because everything “feels right.” Your child's safety is at stake.

Be on the lookout for:

  • Disconnected or incorrect phone numbers.
  • Supervisors who do not clearly recall the applicant.
  • Supervisors who will not offer detailed comments or any positive comment.
  • A list of references with no long term-relationships.

Ordinarily references are biased, but a well-placed question can get a revealing answer. Write out your list of questions before you make the referral calls. Judge the quality of the references by the depth of the relationships. An enthusiastic endorsement means more coming from a long time acquaintance. provides you with babysitter profiles to choose from, but it does not screen applicants. There are sample reference forms available to registered members and there is a section for Babysitters to download references for your review.



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