Tips for Leaving Children Long Term with Babysitters

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How can I find a full time babysitter who is a good fit?

Tips for Leaving Children Long Term with Babysitters

Consider these tips for leaving children with long term sitters:

  • A long-term babysitter will impact who your child becomes. Think about that as you make your choice. Find a full-time babysitter that shares your values and views on child discipline.

  • Personality is important. A sitter who is abrasive or rude should never be tolerated, especially in a long-term position. A pleasant disposition makes a better caregiver.

  • Choose a sitter who has the ability to maintain order in his or her own environment.

  • Flexibility is important. A rigid personality cannot handle children for long periods of time. There will be changes and adjustments over the years, and you need someone who is able to take instruction without being offended.

  • Look at the big picture. A full time sitter should “fit” with your family's priorities. A babysitter with excellent training who is a source of constant conflict is not a benefit to your family.

  • Online babysitting services such as allow you to search the profiles of babysitters, and find individuals who will be a good fit for your family.



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