Bad Habits Teen Babysitters Should Avoid

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Why am I getting a lower rate as a teen babysitter?

Bad Habits Teen Babysitters Should Avoid

Frustrated because you make less as a teen babysitter? Registering with the online babysitting service gives you the ability to ask for a specific rate, but you may not receive job offers if you over-price your services.

You can't immediately overcome the barrier of age or experience, but you can avoid these bad habits. If you can avoid these pitfalls, whether you are a New York babysitter, or one in Des Moines, Iowa, you will eventually be paid more.

  • Do not smoke. Even if your employer has given you permission. Even if it is outdoors. Smoking and child care do not mix, and you will leave a better impression.
  • Do not show disrespect to your employer. This includes calling them by their first name unless given permission to do so.
  • Vulgarity is never appropriate. Do not assume that no one listening. Children have a way of overhearing just about everything.
  • The number one bad habit of babysitters is to raid the refrigerator.
  • It is never a good idea to use personal items such as computers or iPods without permission.
  • Arriving late is unprofessional, and will not help your cause in pursuing a higher rate.
  • Never leave the place a mess. The children can help you clean it up.
  • Always enforce a family rule, even if you don't see its validity.



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