Helping Your Children Adjust to a Move

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How can I help my child adjust to a move?

Helping Your Children Adjust to a Move

Moving to New York with children? Use an online babysitter service such as to help you find quality New York babysitters. Then spend your energy helping your child cope with the move. According to the National Network for Child Care, it takes about 16 months for a child to fully adjust. Make sure you are communicating openly and frequently. Discuss with your child the differences in New York City life. Explain that people will be different, and the city will look different. Review safety rules on a daily basis until he/she can recite them from memory. He/she will hate you for it; but it may save their life.

Don't be surprised if your child seems to be doing just fine and then has a set back. It may take three or four weeks before the reality of the move sinks in. Identify new things that he/she enjoys, and encourage him/her to find opportunities for happiness in the new circumstances.



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