Water Safety Tips for Kids

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What safety tips should I keep in mind when taking kids to the pool?

Water Safety Tips for Kids

Summertime babysitting means trips to the pool; keep these water safety tips in mind.

  • Children under five or who are inexperienced swimmers should wear life jackets. Do not take a chance with another person's child.
  • Reapply sunblock regularly when children are playing in the water.
  • Make sure to take water, and remind the kids to take a drink at least every 30-45 minutes.
  • Do not leave children under five unattended at any time at a pool or swimming area.
  • Take a water safety course at your local Red Cross. It will help you get more babysitting jobs, and could save a child's life.
  • Sometimes kids don't know their limits. If you see a child getting tired, make him or her take a break.
  • When you take kids to the pool, read the rules with them every time.
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