Appropriate Discipline for Babysitters

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How should babysitters approach discipline?

Appropriate Discipline for Babysitters

Whether you're a Boston babysitter or a San Fransisco babysitter, discipline is a challenge. If you are consistent with discipline you will have respect. If you are inconsistent in enforcing discipline you have lost the war. It is better to set expectations for a less dramatic consequence and follow through, than to promise a sever punishment and never deliver.

Appropriate discipline is never physical. This is extremely important when you are a babysitter. No matter what the family's view on corporeal punishment may be, never strike a child. Effective punishments include denying privileges and sending to the time out chair.

Rewards for good behavior are just as important as consequences. Good behavior should have rewards. Different things motivate children. Some live for verbal praise, some enjoy privileges like additional computer time, others like cupcakes. Follow the parent's direction on what type of rewards are allowed, as well as what types of discipline are usually enforced.

If you are able to work with behavior disturbed children, this will be a definite advantage on your babysitter profile at



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