Make use of Community Resources

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How can I use community services to my advantage in finding a sitter?

Make use of Community Resources

Instead of going online, you may want to make use of what your local community has to offer. Most urban areas have a local recreation, park center or YMCA. You could easily create a flyer that shows your interest in finding a babysitter which lists your neighborhood, hours wanted, number of children, and a phone number to contact you. Be cautious of giving out too much information on a public job posting, as not only might you put yourself at risk for identity theft, but you may also be attracting unwanted attention to your children. Do not include your home address, pictures of your home or of your children for the same reasons. Use your first name only. The local job board may already contain listings of sitters looking for work that you can begin looking into as well. You may first want to check with the Community Liaison of the local venue if there is one available. They may be able to get you in touch with a few local sitters they know from personal experience.



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