If All Else Fails, Google Them

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How can I find out more about a person without a background check?

If All Else Fails, Google Them

If you feel that doing a background check on a prospective babysitter for your child is a bit intrusive, you can always pry in more public ways. Many businesses and daters alike have grown accustomed to 'googling' new people they meet. Simply go online to the www.google.com search engine, enter the person's full name and click on the 'go' button. You will be presented with a list of matches for that person's name. When looking at the results, keep in mind that Google will pull up anything matching this name, whether relevant or not. It will not narrow down results to your particular Jane Smith, but any and all matches to the name Jane Smith, unless you enter additional, more specific information. You can also try www.abika.com. This website allows you to find a plethora of information available to the public that is much more permissable to a person's privacy than a full-blown background check. If you truly wish to respect your applicant's personal information, simply let them know you plan on cross-checking a few facts about them. If they have nothing to hide, they will be fine with it.



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