Go Sitter-Searching at Church

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Can I find a babysitter at church?

Go Sitter-Searching at Church

You have probably never looked at a church as a perfect place for networking, but look no further. Church is a wonderful place to interact and get to know friendly, community-minded people from your local area. Most churches have bulletin boards where community-related announcements are posted. They range from ads selling boats, to Spanish classes, to people looking to babysit. If you see no such announcements, go straight to your clergyman or parishioner and ask if they can recommend anyone from church that babysits from time to time. If your church is a small, well-connected one, they will most likely either give you a name or point you to someone who can lead you in the right direction. If you attend a large congregation, you may want to ask certain church members that deal with children such as the Sunday school teacher or someone who teaches Vacation Bible School. These friendly faces may have a few leads for you.



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