Switch With a Friend

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How can friends with children help each other?

Switch With a Friend

Until your friends have children of their own, they may never understand how your lifestyle and freedom to move about as you please will change. Once you have friends with their own little tykes, they will empathize with your predicament and have their own needs to go out as a couple, or sometimes to take care of business. These sympathizing friends can be a great resource when it comes to finding a sitter you only need once a month or every few weeks. These are perfect babysitters for 'date night.' When you and your partner want to have a night alone to go out to dinner or a movie, ask your friends with children for the favor of taking care of yours for a few hours. Then, for example, the next week when your friends need a night out and away from the kids, you will do the same for them. By exchanging babysitting services every once in a while, no money needs to change hands, and you will go out feeling 100% confident that your children are well taken care of. Your friends will likely thank you for it, too.



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