Look to Those Looking to Start a Family

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Can a friend with no children be a good babysitter for me?

Look to Those Looking to Start a Family

All parents have friends, but not all friends are also parents. If you are one of the few in your group who has babies, some of your friends may be temporarily envious of you and your little one. Keep an eye out for the friend who is the first to pass up greeting you to kiss and hold the baby. This friend will probably enjoy spending a few hours once in a blue moon with your little tyke. They will get to enjoy being around a child, have them all to themselves to love and treasure, and then be able to give them back by the time they realize that parenting and taking care of even one small child is a great deal of work. Make sure that if you choose to leave your little one in the hands of this good pal, you offer them something in return. Depending on the nature of this friend, you may want to offer to pay them, although they will probably refuse and do it out of their own ticking clocks and kindness of heart. Be generous with them if they can use the money to show your graciousness. Finally, make sure to cook for them so that they can spend their time enjoying having a child of their own for a short time. Everyone comes out a winner in this situation.



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