Take Advantage of Visiting Family Members

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Can I use family members to babysit for me?

Take Advantage of Visiting Family Members

Family members coming in from out of town can be another great, untapped babysitting resource for a one-time only situation. If you have a baby or if the visiting family members are the child or children's grandparents, it may not be that difficult to talk these relatives into babysitting for a few hours for you to have your date night. They will likely want to enjoy a few hours getting to know your children all over again. Grandparents get especially excited to have the grandkids they see so little all to themselves to spoil as they see fit. A bigger incentive would be if you had a fun outing planned for them and made sure all meals or supplies were covered. Lend them the car to do some sightseeing with your kids to some places that all would enjoy, such as parks or museums. Remind them that it takes a village to raise a child but try to remember not to take advantage of your family's generosity too much or too often, or you might find them less and less eager to come visit.



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