Share the Good Cheer and Good Care

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How can I help others find the babysitter they need?

Share the Good Cheer and Good Care

If you are happy and satisfied with the performance of your babysitter, offer to put the word out for him or her to other friends and relatives in need of one themselves. Your sitter will be even more loyal to you if you have their best interests and needs in mind. Please do not recommend just anyone to those you love as they will remember that it was you who recommended the person that did not work out. Together you can come up with a list of his or her best qualities, her hours of availability, and work specifications for promotion. Of course, you can always ask him or her to provide this information themselves. You will see that extending your hand to others in this way will create the opportunity for them to return the favor to you. For example, if this sitter is taking leave for whatever reason, i.e. they can no longer sit for you on the weekends but your friend needs a weekday sitter, that same friend may extend the courtesy to you of passing on the information for a sitter who is available on Saturday and Sunday.



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