Flyers Galore

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Should I make flyers to find babysitting jobs?

Flyers Galore

One of the easiest forms of advertising one's business is through the usage of flyers. If you do not have a lot of computer skills, it is still simple to make flyers. First, get a small picture of yourself and choose where it should go in the design layout of your flyer. Make a short bullet list of what you offer as a babysitter. For example, if you will tutor the kids while babysitting and help them with their homework, this would be a great help to parents and should be included toward the top of your list.

Also, mention in your list if you cook or have experience caring for kids with special needs. Do not omit your educational background. It would not be the best idea to list the names of references on a flyer because you have no way of knowing where this information will end up. You may ruin your chances for a good recommendation by giving out families' personal information without permission. Consider leaving only your email address and phone number, not your address or other personal information. Anything else anyone needs to know you can provide upon request. Leave your flyers at community locations such as church, bookstores and your school.



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