Create a Portfolio

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How can I make a portfolio to find jobs as a babysitter?

Create a Portfolio

A babysitter arriving at an interview with a family prepared with a portfolio of his or her experience might seem a bit out of the ordinary, but that would be exactly the point! You stand out far beyond other candidates when you bring a portfolio including a resume that lists your accomplishments, references and contact numbers. The rest of the portfolio would be best illustrated by photos of the you with families you have served in the past.

Keep in mind that due to privacy issues, you should ask permission to take and keep photographs of other people's children, especially if you plan on showing them in your portfolio. Most parents will not mind as long as you are on good terms with them; however, it can be a sensitive subject for others. Keep a signature or a disclosure statement of the parent's permission just in case. The photographs you use in the portfolio should clearly show you interacting with the children in a positive way. Do not illustrate your discipline tactics. Your photos should show that you can keep the kids entertained in a positive way so that discipline is hardly an issue. Do crafts or play at the park with the kids. Show an organized mealtime or children doing their chores. Basically include anything that you would want to see a babysitter do if you were the parents.



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