Follow the Rules

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How can I make sure my boss recommends me?

Follow the Rules

If you are not a first-time babysitter, and wish to find your next babysitting job, be sure that you have left your previous job on good terms. Word of mouth tends to be the most powerful form of advertising, and many conscientious parents will check up on your references and past families you have worked with. You will want to feel confident that their input will be positive. How can you be sure? The easiest way is by following the parents' instructions to the last detail. If they wish their children to be in bed by 8:00, whether or not the children agree, you should have them in bed. They may not fall asleep until 9:30, but you still followed their orders.

Also, ensure that you leave the house as clean or cleaner than you found it. Do not go around putting things away without being asked as later those "lost" items may come back to haunt you. However, if you see something was spilled whether or not it was on your watch, it does not hurt to give an extra helping hand. Also, do not forget to ask the parent how their day went upon their return and compliment every negative thing you have to say about the babysitting experience with one or more positive ones so that the parent feels assured that it went well for you and their children.



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