Make Business Cards

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How can I promote my services as a babysitter?

Make Business Cards

You have many priorities in your life that are sometimes hard to balance. You try to remember the names of coworkers, contacts, due dates for projects and assignments. The list goes on and on. You may have already come across the perfect family to babysit for ... but you lost their contact information. You may have heard of someone whose child you would love to watch a while back, but can no longer find their number.

But what if you had given them your business card? Contrary to popular belief, basic business cards are very inexpensive to make. You are not in the babysitting business to spend all your earnings on promoting yourself, but you may be able to promote yourself just as well without spending hardly any money at all. Vista Print is one company who regularly offers a special for 250 business cards for free. You must choose from their templates and designs and pay for shipping, however, you cannot beat free when it comes to color business cards. Visit their website for more information. Office Max also offers basic black and white cards for very cheap prices.



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