Prepare a Resume

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Do I need a resume to find babysitting jobs?

Prepare a Resume

The days of babysitters getting a job by simply looking like a nice, responsible person are gone. You, like any professional with good intentions should meet parents prepared with a resume. Your resume will give a positive first impression of you. Parents greeted with a resume will know that you have experience, are professional, and will take the well-being of their child seriously. This resume can also be included in your portfolio if you so choose to create one.

Your resume should feature your babysitting experience in chronological order with the contact information of the parents involved. If you have a great deal of experience, use the information for the most long-term jobs as these will be the families that will give you the best recommendations as they know you well. Highlight any related educational experience you have, especially degrees or childcare courses from college, or seminars. If you are CPR certified, mention it. Finally, list any extra special memories you have that truly touched you and describe how they have made you a better babysitter. It sounds impossible, but try to keep your resume to one page, with a two-page maximum. More than this will not get read.



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