Baby Shower Game: Get Me a Babysitter

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Can I use my baby shower as an opportunity to find a babysitter?

Baby Shower Game: Get Me a Babysitter

Expecting your first child can bring about so many questions and issues that you have never faced before. You have probably never needed to find a babysitter much less thought about the responsibility that sitter will hold in their arms when they watch your baby for the first time. This is where good friends and an opportune situation come in handy.

At many baby showers, attendees play the "Advice Game." In this game, participants write down a piece of advice on a small piece of paper anonymously and place it in a basket. When all have contributed their piece of advice, the mother-to-be has the chance to read them to share with all. Instead of asking for general advice which you may have already read up on, you can ask for babysitter recommendations or advice. In a room of about twenty friends and family members, twenty pieces of babysitter-hunting advice or contact information should give you a spectacular start in your search. Also, since your baby will not be arriving just yet either, you will have time to calmly and thoroughly investigate and interview the recommended candidates.



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