Ask the OBGYN

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Can my OBGYN's office give me some help and support in finding a babysitter?

Ask the OBGYN

The first time you went to see the OBGYN when you found out you were pregnant you probably felt bombarded with information. You were given magazines about your changing body, your new responsibility and a packet for your hospital. You were told so many things that it was impossible to remember all of it. However, you most likely never thought to ask your OBGYN about babysitting options.

Like most community resource centers, your OBGYN probably has a bulletin board of ads and flyers related to babies. If you scan it regularly over your nine month journey, you will find ads for a babysitter or two. If you have a close relationship with your doctor you can ask them how they found their first babysitter for their own children. There are so many doctors and nurses that you would have to get a few good leads. If you are not finding enough information from the doctor and staff, ask the other moms in the waiting room how they went about finding their sitter or if they have someone they can recommend.



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