Ask around at Childbirth Preparation Class

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Can I use my childbirth preparation classes to find a babysitter?

Ask around at Childbirth Preparation Class

Most new parents-to-be make the choice to attend childbirth preparation classes before the arrival of their new bundle of joy. These classes are the perfect place to network and get the scoop from other parents about their babysitting choices and connections. You will most likely find that many people are just as lost as you are in the process and do not know how to proceed. Yet there is always a well-prepared couple or two who has it all worked out.

Find this couple by asking around during a break in the class. They will be happy to take you down their path to babysitter bliss. You can also ask the nurse conducting the class as they likely have interns who would like to make extra money through babysitting. Give out your contact information and gather that of the other couples so that these mothers and fathers can get in touch with you if they find the right sitter. If you find the right one first, you can let them know with a friendly email as well. There may be some mothers in the class who are not planning on returning to work for at least a few months after giving birth and would enjoy the opportunity to earn some extra cash while staying at home and caring for their own child as well as yours. You never know until you ask.



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