Respect Your Sitter and Keep her Around for Years to Come

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How can I keep a good babysitter around?

Respect Your Sitter and Keep her Around for Years to Come

Once you have found a reliable sitter on Babysitters4Hire, make the effort to keep her around long-term. This will be easier than finding another great match later on. All it takes to keep someone working for you happy is to treat the person with respect.

Leave and arrive on time when you asked your sitter to work. Follow the rules, rewards and consequences that you previously set for your child. Additionally, if a difficult situation were to occur, get both sides of the story before making a judgement call. It's easy to come home and react emotionally if you see your child scraped his or her knee. Some parents are upset by this; others realize that minor injuries sometimes happen to active children and are in fact a fairly standard part of childhood. Your sitter probably feels just as badly as you do when it happens under your own supervision. Remember to ask how the day went when you arrive and greet the sitter with a smile and a "Thank you." Your babysitter works hard and deserves the same respect she cheerfully gives you and your children.



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