Interview in a Public Place

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Where should I meet the babysitter I wish to interview?

Interview in a Public Place

When you are conducting an interview with a prospective babysitter, it would be the safest option to meet them in a public place. If the babysitting candidate is someone you know already or is a contact from a friend that you trust, your home will serve just as well. However, when it comes to strangers, take extra caution to not put your family into a possibly dangerous situation.

If you are alone with your children and do happen to invite someone to interview that secretly holds dishonorable intentions, you have given to them very important pieces of personal information. You have given them your address and let them see your home as well as told them about your children. That person has possibly met your children as well. Until you have had the chance to do a little research on this babysitter-to-be, meeting at a public place is safe grounds. In a public place you can also take note of the job candidate's body language around others and in public places. You will ask your questions and they will answer, however their body language will take on a different tone when surrounded by people. Do you find this person pleasant and sociable? Are they introverted and antisocial? Do they become irritated with others easily? You can find out the answers to these questions before letting them in your front door.



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