Summertime Live-in Babysitter

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Can I count on family for long-term babysitting?

Summertime Live-in Babysitter

Many families these days are spread out a few cities, sometimes even a few countries, apart. This is inconvenient around the holiday season, but can work out well for you in the summer when looking for a full-time babysitter. If you have teenage nieces or nephews, even cousins that live in another city or state, they might enjoy the opportunity to spend the summer with your family while getting to know your town at the same time. This arrangement would not be the typical live-in nanny one but one where the nanny truly is a member of the family.

On off time, your vehicle should be available for use with your permission of course, so that this sitter has the chance to go and have some fun on their own without the kids. You can offer pay as an incentive or use room and board as pay along with free excursions of their choice on the weekends. You can sign them up for classes or sports so that they are given every chance to see the benefits of helping you out such as taking a vacation together. This would be an excellent way to extend a helping hand to someone you love that needs a start on their college funds.



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