Babysitter Master List Tea Party

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How can my friends and I organize a list of babysitters?

Babysitter Master List Tea Party

Once you have achieved a certain age in life, you will find that your list of friends has been narrowed down to those with similar lifestyles. If you have a busy family life, your single friends tend to slowly drift away or find themselves eventually with a family too. Friends of a feather flock together, and can become a precious resource for babysitting questions and advice.

Throw a tea party for all your parent friends. As a group, brainstorm a list of babysitters you have used in the past or present under two categories: recommended and not recommended. Each person should provide the name and number of all babysitters they have used recently and place their names under one of these two categories. By the time the list has made its rounds around the room, there should be ten or more names on the list. Regardless of whether your babysitters were written in on the positive or negative side of the list, be prepared to justify your recommendation. Most times your friends will agree with you after hearing your explanation. After all is said, done, and cleaned up, you should create a master list of those babysitters and their contact information, leaving them in the agreed-upon categories and print or email copies to each of your participating friends. Within one afternoon you and your friends will have found a way to avoid looking up a babysitter for quite a while, as well as dodging those who do not fit your needs.



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