Mommy or Daddy Night Out

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How can parents help each other out to babysit?

Mommy or Daddy Night Out

All parents need a break every once and a while, including from each other. If you have been wanting to take a class once a week or just enjoy meeting a friend for coffee but your current lifestyle does not allow it, tag team your partner and fit it in your "me" time. Designate one night a week, every two weeks or once a month for the activity you truly miss doing since becoming a parent.

The trick is to make it a special time for those staying at home as well. If it's Daddy who is staying with the kids, make it a special Daddy day by having him do something with the kids that he does not normally do. Take the kids to the zoo or the movies, or even to the park. If the kids miss Mom, have them discuss how much Dad misses Mom as well. If it is Mom at home, do something unique with the kids in Dad's absence. As long as the kids feel like it is special time with the other parent, they will behave well and even look forward to it. The parent getting time off will appreciate coming home to a happy family instead of feeling guilty about having left the kids for a few hours. This can be a situation that can work out for all involved.



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