Too Much or Not Enough Information?

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How can you entertain a child when babysitting?

Too Much or Not Enough Information?

An inexperienced babysitter or just a lazy one may define babysitting as literally sitting around with a baby somewhere in the local vicinity. It is the parents' job to give the sitter a little more to do with their child than sit. It is a better idea to provide your child's caregiver with a few ideas for activities to entertain them both. If your child enjoys crafts, you can leave some directions and supplies, some books to read about crafts, or a video on the subject of your little one's choice. You want your child to stay busy on productive matters so that they, and the sitter stay out of trouble. Just as you are leaving a list of activity options to keep your child busy, you might also leave a list of what you prefer your child to not do. These types of precautions will leave little guesswork for your sitter thus preventing problems in the long run.



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