Parentally Controlled Entertainment

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How can a parent make sure their child doesn't watch inappropriate TV shows while being babysat?

Parentally Controlled Entertainment

Technology has made the duties of a parent both easier and yet more difficult at the same time. For example, video games were once simple and innocent. Now parents must be wary of which contain objectionable material that they do not want their children exposed to. Other games may not be so offensive to parents, but may take up too much of your child's time, keeping them indoors and away from fresh air and physical exercise.

It would serve as a good preventative measure for parents to leave the sitter with either a list of regulations or have conferenced with them previously on the subject of how long you would like your child to play video games before pulling the plug. Make sure you place regulations on similar activities such as watching television and movies. Also, it would be wise for the babysitter to watch television programs and movies with the child so that they are aware of exactly what the child has been exposed to under their care. No parent wants to be surprised with hearing that their child has watched something they did not approve of when they arrive home. Nor does any babysitter want a surprise confrontation with a parent about the same thing. Sitters should use their best judgement if they were not given any guidelines ahead of time and always pay attention to TV ratings. Parents cannot hold something against a sitter that they did not previously discuss.



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