Reward System

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How can I reinforce my child's good behavior while under the babysitter's care?

Reward System

During your interview with your perspective babysitter, throw out a few questions with both good and bad scenarios. What would they do if your child shared their toys? What would they do if your child made sure to always say "please" and "thank you?" Hopefully you will like what you hear.

Just as you wish to maintain your control over disciplinary issues while your sitter is in your place, you should provide the babysitter with a list of options for rewards for good behavior. This is necessary as your babysitter may have different ideas about what makes a good reward than you do. For example, for cleaning their room, you might normally give your child a sticker, a hug, or a trip to the park. The babysitter might have first thought of giving your child ice cream, or allowing him or her to watch TV a little longer. Your child knows your preferences but might not let the babysitter know how you usually run the show. Your sitter has the best of intentions, but might have her own way of doing things.

If you want it done your way, make your pre-approved ideas known. Knowing their good deeds and behavior can still earn them the rewards they are used to receiving with you will make your child more motivated to continue their great behavior. It will make the job easier on your babysitter as well.



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