Hourly Wages Versus Lump Sum

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How much should a babysitter be paid?

Hourly Wages Versus Lump Sum

One of the worst questions to be asked when applying for a job is "So, how much do you want to get paid?" It is a very precarious situation. If you ask for too little, the parent will think you do not value your work or have too little experience to take on the task. If you ask too much, it can also reflect inexperience; however, most likely it implies a little arrogance.

A babysitter or parent must also decide if they will pay for services by the hour or if they will offer one set price to be covered for an outing. No babysitter, being charged with the safety and well-being of your child, should be paid minimum wage. Pay should be based on the task at hand and experience. A babysitting job over four hours should get a lump sum of money upwards of $50 or more. An hourly rate should be at $10 or more. Gas money should be included. You would not trust your child to just anyone, so your babysitter should get a fair rate for the care of your child.



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