Parental Control Devices

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How can a parent control what their child watches while they are being babysat?

Parental Control Devices

Television issues can be put aside if you have a parental control device. With this device you can block channels, programs, or times of day that the television can be watched. Kids can try to reprogram it and pull a fast one over on the babysitter, but parental controls will prevail.

In the rarest of cases where the babysitter may be interested in watching inappropriate programs, you may be able to block these as well. Contact your local cable company to set up a parental control option on your television. Keep in mind that your preventative measures are not enough. You should also sit down and discuss your thoughts on what is appropriate for your child to watch with your child and the babysitter ahead of time. Be fair but firm with all involved and hopefully prevention will prevail.



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