Is It OK to Hire a 'Manny'?

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Is it alright to hire a 'Manny?'

Is It OK to Hire a 'Manny'?

'"Manny," the term popularized by Britney Spears, simply means "male nanny." Some parents, both mothers and fathers, have a mostly unexplained discomfort associated with having an unrelated male caring for their children.

There really are fewer men than women who seek out babysitting jobs. The same can be said for men who seek out positions in education, with the exception of administrative positions. However, this is not due to lack of capacity for caring for children and being an excellent caregiver, nor due to concealing bad intentions toward your child. Many men simply choose other routes in life.

The ones who truly do appreciate children sometimes find themselves discriminated against because of their gender. Do not let this socially-driven uncorroborated fear keep you from considering a male babysitter or nanny. If you happen to meet a candidate that you find trustworthy, knowledgeable, responsible, and is great with your children, make sure he is given a fair chance. With the rising number of households in which the mother is the sole caregiver, your children may enjoy having a positive male figure in their lives.



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