Good Babysitter Checklist

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What should your babysitter be doing while you are out?

Good Babysitter Checklist

What does a New York babysitter do once they are all alone with the kids? Some help with homework. Some have the kids clean their room. Some play with the kids and read stories.

When it comes down to it, babysitting is a job that does not tend to have obvious boundaries. This brings parents and babysitters to the next question, what should a babysitter do once they are alone with the kids? The only way for parents, babysitters, and children to know if they have done what was expected of them, is if the expectations are made clear and kept track of. This vague task is most easily achieved by using a checklist.

Since it is the parents who have high expectations about the care of their kids, it would be better for the parents to prepare the checklist ahead of time. It can be made on the computer to keep record and to be able to make new ones as needed, or it can be simple and handwritten, depending on your preference. Make a simple list of what you as the parent want done before your child goes to bed. It can include finishing homework, cleaning the room, making lunch for tomorrow, watching a favorite program, calling Grandma, taking a bath or feeding the dog. Basically it can include whatever you would like done in your absence. All the sitter and child must do is check them off as they go. Make sure to include the thought of a goal or reward for completing it before your arrival home.



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