Qualities of a Summertime Babysitter

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Qualities of a Summertime Babysitter

Here are some qualities to consider when you make your search for a summertime babysitter:

  • Summertime babysitters constantly deal with bee stings, falls and scrapes and sunburns. A babysitter with first aid training can provide immediate assistance, and quickly identify when your child needs additional care.
  • Does your child like to swim? Choose a summertime babysitter with lifeguard, CPR, or water safety training.
  • If your child has summer activities, your babysitter needs to have a car, insurance and a driver's license. Run a background check for unpaid traffic tickets or habitual traffic violations. Ask to see proof of insurance.
  • A high-energy babysitter is best. If your babysitter sits around all day watching TV, your kids might either get into trouble because they are bored or turn into couch potatoes.
  • Some babysitters can provide summertime tutoring. Trips to the library and educational games during the summer make returning to school in the fall less of an adjustment. Ask about your babysitter's ability to provide summertime learning experiences.
  • Be practical. Your summertime babysitter will be with your children all day. You will need them to provide meals and some light housekeeping. Make sure to find someone who is willing and able to do both.

Using Babysitters4Hire.com gives you access to profiles of babysitters in your area. Keep these qualities in mind, and find a summertime babysitter with the qualities you need.



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