Good Old Classifieds

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Where can I post a printed ad to find a babysitter?

Good Old Classifieds

It may seem low-tech but the traditional means of job hunting and searching for candidates is still basically the same. Newspapers and other periodicals still feature a classified section where ads are accessible to readers. Generally the newspaper will print your ad both on paper as well as in its online edition. Small papers will charge a small fee to run your ad over the span of a week or a month before asking you to renew. Large papers may charge more depending on which days you want to run your ad. Additionally they will charge you more for a longer ad. Learn to conserve words and space, writing in only the absolutely necessary information. Forget the words "the," "we," and "a." Write your ad in what some would refer to as caveman speak or use abbreviations.

Before submitting your ad, reread it a few times to ensure that it is easy to understand and contains vital information, such as a contact number and name. The best time to run your ad is on the weekend. If readers only read one day's paper, they almost always choose the Sunday paper. This is also the day where they are most likely to have the time to call and you are most likely to be able to answer.



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