Post Your Vacancy Online

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Where can I post an ad for a babysitter online?

Post Your Vacancy Online

If the word limits and abbreviations you need to apply to run a newspaper ad for your babysitting vacancy are just too complicated, you should consider posting your advertisement on the Internet. There are special websites available just for parents and sitters, such as and Community forums such as, and employment websites like can help too. Both and www.craigslist allow you to post your resume. Monster and Craig's List are free sites, but charge a small fee for posting to the classifieds. Also, investigate the rates to advertise through the local newspaper's website.

Do not ever include photos of your children in online ads, however you may want to provide the number of children and ages that will need babysitting. Make sure to do background checks or at least check references on contacts made on the Internet as, when it comes to strangers, you never know what you are going to get.



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