Babysitters and Pets

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Do babysitters and pets mix?

Babysitters and Pets

Before your new sitter sets foot into your home you must discuss the issue of pets with him or her. If you have no pets, but the sitter does, make sure your child is not allergic to these animals. Unknowingly the babysitter might be bringing cat or dog hair into the house arousing the allergies of your child's sensitive nose. This situation can play itself out in reverse as well. You may be a pet owner with an allergic babysitter.

On the other hand, your babysitter may not be allergic, but may be terrified of dogs, including your harmless one. This is not a good combination. During your interview of any potential babysitters, mention whether or not you are a pet owner and ask the sitter how he or she feels about this. If your pets, children and babysitter are not compatible, it is time to move on to the next candidate. Also, if you are a cat owner, and your babysitter is pregnant, never ask her to clean the litter box. Cats carry a certain sickness, toxoplasmosis, which is fatal to an unborn fetus. If you have a dog, and the dog bites your babysitter, you are responsible for the medical costs. Both babysitters and parents should keep all pets vaccinated so that we can coexist happily together.



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