Nanny and Babysitter Health Insurance

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Do babysitters qualify for any benefits such as health care?

Nanny and Babysitter Health Insurance

All parents take into copndideration what should be done if their child is hurt while under the care of a nanny or babysitter. Yet they almost never consider what will happen if the sitter is injured while serving as their employee. Most babysitters work part-time and act as indepedent agents, leaving them ineligible for health coverage. Just as other self-employed folk and freelancers, many search for their own non-employer-provided coverage. This route tends to be expensive and not cover all their needs. There is one company, however, which does offer health insurance specially designed for the working nanny, babysitter, or au pair. The company is called NRIOL. They offer short-term coverage, visitor travel insurance and other policies which can be very difficult to get. They will compare rates for you as well. You can read more about the coverage at Make sure to have your own emergency plan.



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