Put the Word Out

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Should I let someone else know I have a sitter at home?

Put the Word Out

Along with leaving a list of emergency phone numbers for your babysitter, you may want to make at least one of your emergency contacts aware that you are going to be out for the day or the evening. This person can then act as your second pair of eyes. If you will be out for a late night meeting, for example, in which you will find it difficult to call home and check on your child, this contact can also check up on your child for you. This may sound extreme, but it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the well-being of your children.

You should choose a babysitter you feel confident with because you never know what scenarios might come up. Your sitter may be having difficulty getting your child to eat what you left and not know what else to try. That phone call to check up is an opportunity to talk and find other options you would approve of at a time when you cannot get to the phone. If you choose to make an emergency contact aware of your absence, let your child know that this contact will be calling. Your child will also know that they can count on this person in case of an emergency.



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